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( Cheyenne | Self-Undertale | Female | 5′ 2″ | 19 )
( Mom friend | Mage in training | Ambassador | Flame Red soul & magic )

Let's try to make it right
Don’t want to start a fight.

Cheyenne Dreemurr
ι αм ∂єтєямιηαтιση

Cheyenne is a young woman with a big heart. Ever since she had her leg amputated, she's been nothing but happy. She always thought her metal leg had served as a cool story. She lived a completely normal life. That is, until she fell down Mt. Ebott. Her life has been anything but ordinary since it's been filled with monsters. There's the friendly ones of course, which are the majority, but then there's the violent ones. Cheyenne manages to show kindness and mercy to all of them, somehow. She's the eighth human to have found the Underground and all its residents, but the only one to have lived this long. She was able to befriend everyone, which is seen as a miracle to her. She was willing to die to set all the monsters free, but she lived. Which only made her feel more protective of the friends she had made. To be honest, she's really just a buttmunch who loves pie and her friends that she has made. She can be introverted and shy at times, sometimes even sassy, but once you get to know her enough; she'll be loud and energetic, and extremely protective of everyone she cares about.


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